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My business started because of Covid-19. I had dreamt about starting a jewelry business for so long but never had the time to do it right. I am a veteran hair dresser of 45 years. A schooled graphic artist, which I gave up to raise children, and a halfway decent fiddle player. In 2020 I had nestled into a comfortable life doing hair and playing music. In March of 2020 I was booked in Rochester, NY for the week of St. Patricks Day playing music gigs and working at a hair salon in Naples, NY. March 14th New York state went into lockdown. I couldn’t do hair or play music.
My husband Ray is an essential worker. I was going to be home alone. I didn't know it then
but lockdown ended up lasting 2 1/2 months. 

I made the decision to take advantage of this gift of time I had been given. I cleaned up my studio, took inventory of what I needed, ordered products and started making PMC metal clay jewelry. Its wasn't planned, I barely even thought about it I just did it.
I have always made gemstone jewelry. I am entranced with the powers of the gemstones and I find the bracelets and earrings beautiful and helpful to people. My "gimmick" was that I always included the meanings and powers of the gemstones with every item I made and so.ld. The problem was, I was basically stringing beads, there wasn't a piece of me in each piece. Sure there is a whole design aspect of which beads go with which and what magic was I trying to create by combining stones. The stones have a way of combining with each other to make interesting magic with their energies. It still wasn't quite enough. I wanted my ideas and designs incorporated with gemstones. I do both styles now each has its purpose and as I progress there will be more and more creativity to my pieces as I go on..

I had no experience with metals. I knew a smidge about metal clay, I had dabbled in it a couple weekends with my cousin Gretchen (who did go to collage for jewelry making). I learned a lot designing with her and I learn so much with each piece I make. With metal clay the sky is the limit. I can't wait to see where I go with my designs a year from now.

I started this a year ago. Since, I have emerged myself in my dream of designing jewelry and having my own website to share it. It's been so much fun. I love it. I have had the honor of raising 2 very talented kids who are now lovely talented adults. My daughter Rhiannon photographed all the awesome photos of my work and my son Aziel helped me get this website up and running. They are using their life passions to make a living and I am so glad they could help me.

I hope you like what I do and I would enjoy having you along as part of my journey.

Sharon McHargue

About Me

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