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Shipping, Returns, Exchanges & Repairs


All orders include free shipping. 


On my contact page EMail me at .

Please state in detail your order concerns or requests. If you have a repair a photo of the problem would be helpful to include it in your email. Also, include your contact information and I will personally respond by email or a phone call and figure out a solution that you will be satisfied with.

i will get back to you with instructions on how and where to send your items. You would pay to send it to me and I will pay to send it back to you when repairs are done. 

Once we determine what you need all returns and repairs must include the original item and all its components (including broken parts). I cannot guarantee that a repair will include exactly the same components due to availability of elements in the design if elements are lost or broken. In addition if there are lost elements there could be a charge for replacing them, also depending on availability. All this will be discussed by phone call or text and a fair solution will be agreed upon between us. Keep in mind for all repairs this is "custom handmade" jewelry.

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