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Marble Surface
Tic Toc ~ Earrings

Tic Toc ~ Earrings

SKU: SSE0114

Silver with Dumortierite and Moss Agate gemstones.

Moss Agate

Stone of Balance 

Moss Agate fosters feelings of expansion, freedom and space.Just like a walk in the woods along streams or a walk on the beach.  It helps draw new friends., relieves exhaustion and balances emotions. It helps overcome bitterness of the heart and relieves anger.


Stone of Support

Dumortierite is a stone of support, as it helps with those who may feel less than confident in thought and idea.  It also assists in staying true and in standing up for one's self. It brings a feeling of relaxation, calm, and harmony, and can be used to reduce stress-related conditions like headaches and tension.  It increases stamina and can help make unpleasant, monotonous tasks easier to bear. 

  • Information

    Silver weight - .550 t oz

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